Pelle Skogsberg

Who Are You?

Pelle Skogsberg is a physical therapist specialized in internet-addiction, depression and anxiety.

  • Discoverer of the CZ-syndrome
  • Teacher of mindfulness and offline-living in Norway.

What Do You Do?

Help people deal with their everyday suffering.

  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Where Do I Go Next?

Deal with your negative emotional states using this 12-step program.

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Also Known For:

Professional Views:

  • Advocating the need to view digital media/devices as often harmful addictive-drugs – The CZ-Syndrome
  • Advising sleep, social interacton, nutrition, movement and mindfulness as the Big Five Pillars of Health.

Political Views:

  • Make euthanasia (assisted suicide) an option and even rewarded if sick and old
  • Set a limit to a human life span and don’t bring more children into this world (anti-natalism)
  • Give people with obesity, depression and similar lifestyle-diseases strong incentives to join community health care programs
  • Every business must take social responsibility; social media, food, soft-drinks and everything else that create lifestyle diseases and environmental destruction
  • Legalize marijuana

Religious/Spiritual/Personal Views:

  • Practising Zen
  • Practising Minimalism
  • Practising Primalism


”One of the best lectures on improving health I’ve ever seen!”
– Joanna, Gym-Manager

”Pelle is the most inspirational and influencial person I’ve ever met.”
– Therese, School Teacher

”The talk about the CZ-syndrome blew my mind!”
– Tom, IT business manager