The Argument For Assisted Suicide and Anti-Natalism

A vast majority of the worlds population spend their entire life driven by the need to avoid pain. Whether you feel the need to call this pessimistic or not i beside the point. The point is that assisted suicide and giving birth to new children is a bad idea. Also called anti-natalism.

Let’s make a quick experiment. I’ll give you two alternatives to chose from for what will happen to another person:

  1. The person get to spend 5 minutes in the most pleasurable state there is AND 5 minutes in the most excruciating painful state there is.
  2. The person don’t get to experience any of it.

What do you choose?

If you’re not insane/psychopath you will go with option 2. 5 minutes in an excruciating state is horrible and will feel like forever, while the 5 minutes of joy will be over in a second.

Yet this is exactly how life is. And this is exactly what we choose every time we procreate.

But I think life is quite enjoyable!

Let’s make another experiment. Do as I say in order:

  1. Imagine or scetch a diagram with values 0-10 on the y-axle to your left and three markers on the bottom x-axle to represent 6 months ago, present moment and 6 months in the future.
  2. How enjoyable was life 6 months ago on a scale 0-10?
  3. How enjoyable is life on a scale 0-10 in the present moment?
  4. How enjoyable do you think life is going to be, on a scale 0-10, 6 months from now?

If you’re like most people, you will argue that the past was, and the future will be, better than the present.

You think life is enjoyable because your memory is suppressing all the horrible memories of your past. Yet you only ever experience the now. So you have a glorified image of the past, and you have a hope for a better future.

But I don’t experience pain in the present moment

In this moment, a majority of the worlds population suffer from internet addiction. Per definition that means that they are escaping the present moment in order to seek pleasure in a virtual world. Yet the more time you spend on the internet, the more depressed, stressed, anxious and unhealthy people are. Which is also the argument against using digital devices.

The bad things are compensated by the good things

Let’s take another version of the first experiment:

  • Would you trade 5 minutes of the worst pain to get 5 minutes of the best pleasure?

No. So the pain is worse than the pleasure is good.

”There is a thing called chronic pain. But not a thing called chronic pleasure,” as David Benatar say. Or as Richard Dawkins puts it; ”Perhaps there once was a squirrel that ate a single nut and spent his entire life in bliss and pleasure, but his genes soon died out because he starved to death from not feeling hunger.”



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