The Argument For Assisted Suicide And Antinatalism

Problems With 8 Billion People Trying To Reach An Age Of 100+

  • Welfare systems collapse. The sick won’t get the medical care they need – young people can’t pay for all the old people (increased suffering)
  • Food run out (increased suffering)
  • Fresh water becomes polluted and run out (increased suffering)
  • People spend a majority of their life in old age, pain and sickness (increased suffering)
  • The treatment of animals becomes worse (increased suffering)
  • Global warming increases (increased suffering)
  • Environmental destruction (increased suffering)
  • Animal species extiction (increased suffering)
  • Less democracy and freedom, more restrictions (increased suffering)

PART 1 – Suffering

There Is Really Just One Problem

The only thing we should really care about is reducing suffering.

Yet we create suffering for ourselves and inflict suffering on other humans and animals.

The words “life is suffering” is a fact. I mean that both physically and mentally, almost every second of our existence is accompanied by suffering. If you merely feel stressed, tired or long for the weekend, all the way up until you suffer from sickness or chronic back pain.

We all have unfulfilled desires. Even if our desires are fulfilled, the satisfaction is short-lived and a new desire soon arise.

A vast majority of the worlds population spend their entire life driven by the need to avoid pain.

But I Don’t Think Life Is Suffering

Are you sure? How often do you feel:

  1. Pain
  2. Tired
  3. Stressed
  4. Worried
  5. Irritated
  6. Itch
  7. Hunger or thirst
  8. Too hot or too cold
  9. Unfulfilled desires

Even if you by some incredible timing feel free from these experiences right now, I can promise you that you spend almost your entire existance in suffering.

How many do you know who feel depressed, anxious or suffer from chronic pains? Compare that to how many you know who genuinely wake up feeling happy every day and never want anything other then what they already have. Can you name a single one?

But I Think The Bad Things Are Compensated By The Good Things

Let’s make an experiment:

  • Would you trade 5 minutes of the worst pain to get 5 minutes of the best pleasure?

Unless you are a masochist, no one would want ot have 5 minutes of torture. So the pain is worse than the pleasure is good.

“There is a thing called chronic pain. But not a thing called chronic pleasure,” as David Benatar say. Or as Richard Dawkins puts it; “Perhaps there once was a squirrel that ate a single nut and spent his entire life in bliss and pleasure, but his genes soon died out because he starved to death from not feeling hunger.”

The good things must compensate for the bad things once you have come into existance, because if they didn’t, suicidal thoughts wouldn’t be far off. But once the good things can’t compensate for all the bad things anymore, when we are old and sick and suffering becomes too much, we welcome death.

5 minutes in torture is horrible and will feel like forever, while the 5 minutes of joy will be over in a second.

Yet this is exactly how life is. And this is exactly what we choose every time we procreate.

But I Think Life Is Quite Enjoyable!

Let’s make another experiment. Do as I say in order:

  1. Imagine or scetch a diagram with values 0-10 on the y-axle to your left and three markers on the bottom x-axle to represent 6 months ago, present moment and 6 months in the future.
  2. How enjoyable was life 6 months ago on a scale 0-10?
  3. How enjoyable is life on a scale 0-10 in the present moment?
  4. How enjoyable do you think life is going to be, on a scale 0-10, 6 months from now?

If you’re like most people, you will argue that the past was, and the future will be, better than the present.

You think life is enjoyable because your memory is suppressing all the horrible memories of your past. Yet you only ever experience the now. So you have a glorified image of the past, and you have a hope for a better future.

PART 2 – Antinatalism

“For me, a desert island is no tragedy, neither is a deserted planet.”

– Peter Wessel Zapffe

Not Having Children Is Selfish / People Without Children Are Selfish

Quite the opposite is true. Choosing to become a parent, especially when the option of adoption is an alternative, is probably the most selfish thing people can do.

An aspiring parent want their own child so that:

  1. Parents can have more meaning in their life.
  2. Parents can quench their evolutionary instinct to spread one’s genes.
  3. Parents can become more socially uniform and accepted by friends with children.
  4. Parents can become more valuable in the eyes of others.
  5. Parents can teach their children to become like themselves.
  6. Parents can fulfill any number of other selfish desires.

Someone who choose to not have children may think about themselves as well, but parents are selfish in ways no antinatalist person could ever be.

Despite the countless reasons overpopulation is a bad idea. People do not for a second question their motives or morals behind having children of their own.

People that adopt children are probably the least selfish (especially if they could have had a child on their own).

But We Would Go Extinct Without Children

Do you spend much time thinking about the abscence of life on mars or on other places in the universe? Do you intuitively feel like it is a bad thing that there is no life on mars?

Planet earth isn’t any different.

It is just a question of time before humans go extinct, and the only question is really whether we should induce more suffering into this world, on other species and ourselves, before we meet our fate, and whether we would rather go extinct in a dramatic forceful way, or in a peaceful consciouss way.

A Child Could Do So Many Great Things For Others

Every great thing one could hope to accomplish in this world is about reducing suffering and destruction.

Where do all the suffering and destruction come from?

A child that never exists can’t create global warming, pollution, destruction or impose suffering on other animals and humans. The most environmentally friendly and good hearted thing a person could do is to not have children.

PART 3 – Assisted Suicide

I Want To Live As Long As Possible

Would you rather have 60 years filled with what you like? Or 90 years filled with things you don’t like?

Would you rather die alone, with dementia and as a burden on family members and society over the course of 10 years, or die in a loving environment where everyone get to say their last words to each other?

Life is about quality, not quantity. It is better to have a short life that is filled of what you like than a long life spent in a miserable way.

The shorter your perspective, the more important everything seem to be. In eternity, nothing seems important. Everything we find to be valuable, has value, because it is limited.

Sooner or later, everyone finds themselves in a situation where death is a welcomed alternative.

People Needs Help To Live, Not To Die

Why is the humane thing to do when animals suffer to help them die, but with humans to live?

Considering life is mostly filled with suffering, and some people find it so intolerable so they commit suicide, how could ending that suffering into a non existant state, be wrong when it is their own choice?




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