WOOP’n Why – The best mental strategy to achieve goals

W – Wish

O – Outcome

O – Obstacle

P – Plan

Based on twenty years of research in the science of motivation. WOOPing is the best documented mental strategy to achieve goals by yourself. WOOP can support all areas of behavior change.

By imagining a wish and its outcome we then form a plan to overcome the greatest inner obstacle keeping us from attaining the wish – a so called “If-Then plan” – if ‘obstacle’ then ‘plan’.

WOOP’n Why – Explained

What I wish:

  • Make a wish that is challenging but that you know you kan fulfill.

What the best outcome of my wish is:

  • What would be the best outcome from fulfilling your wish?
  • How would it make you feel?
  • Imagine outcomes fully

The greatest inner obstacle is to achieve my wish:

  • Identify what it is within you that holds you back from fulfilling your wish. What is your main inner obstacle?
  • Imagine obstacle fully

How I plan to do to prevent my inner obstacle:

  • Make an “If-Then plan” – If ‘obstacle’ then ‘plan’
  • What can you do to to overcome your inner obstacle?
  • Name one or to actions

Summarize and Repeat:



Why I want this:

  • Because of someone else? Because it is in line with your values? Because it’s good for you in the long term?
  • Name why you want this wish in a few words
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